Somite Raises $5.3M in Pre-seed Round to Transform Cell Therapy with Al
Let’s Talk is on a mission to transform the lives of millions of people by leveraging AI to produce human tissue for cell-based therapies.

// Approach

We’re developing a digital twin of the embryo, i.e. a computational model that simulates the real embryo's development and behavior to guide decision-making.

Constructed from data-rich sources (scRNA-Seq, scATAC-seq, gene expression databases, etc.) our digital twin allows us to leverage Artificial Intelligence to rapidly identify novel protocols for generating new cell types, discover new regulators of cell differentiation, and carry out rapid protocol optimization cycles.

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// Somite-derived cell therapy


Cell replacement therapy:

Cell therapy replaces missing, damaged, or diseased cells to treat medical conditions. Recent advances in stem cell research have unlocked new methods for the production of multiple human cell types. However, production of many cell types remains elusive, and existing protocols vary in efficiency, scalability, and robustness.


Somite-derived cells:

Cells of the musculoskeletal system derive from transient embryonic structures called somites. is the only company proficient in producing somite-derived cells efficiently. These mainly include muscle, brown adipose, cartilage, bone, tendon and dermis.


Why AI:

Somite's proprietary digital twin allows us to surface actionable insights and quickly iterate on protocols. A good example comes from human satellite and brown adipose cells, where applying computation analysis and AI allowed us to identify signatures of ligand-mediated signaling with different pathways from those used in an established protocol. A resulting optimized protocol using these predictions helped us increase purity of the cultures from 25% to over 50% without requiring cell sorting procedures.

// Somite cells

Why are somite
derived cells important?

There are a wide range of conditions that involve a loss of somite-derived cell populations. These could all be treated by cell replacement therapy using somite-derived cells.


Metabolic diseases (e.g. Diabetes, Obesity, MAFLD - including NASH)

Brown adipocytes


Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), incontinence and muscle injuries

Satellite cells


Joints and cartilage injuries

Tendons and chondrocytes


Connective tissue syndromes (e.g. Hypermobility, EDS)

Connective tissue


Severe burns



We are the only company that can effectively differentiate somite-derived cells and has the ability to leverage data and AI to optimize production protocols.


Our team has authored the seminal patents in the space and we have signed a binding letter to exclusively license the founding patent from the French Association for Muscular Dystrophies (AFM) and INSERM.

Meet the team

Micha Breakstone, Ph.D.

CEO and Co-Founder

Jonathan Rosenfeld, Ph.D.

CTO and Co-Founder

Olivier Pourquie, Ph.D.

Scientific Co-Founder

Allon Klein, Ph.D.

Scientific Co-Founder

Cliff Tabin, Ph.D.

Scientific Co-Founder

Jay Shendure, M.D., Ph.D.

Scientific Co-Founder

Carl Morris, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer

Kristy Brown, Ph.D.

SVP Translational Development

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